The Future Finance Industry Trends

The Future Finance Industry Trends


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2022 is around the corner! While heading to a new year,  it is important to be updated about new technologies that transform both the way of doing business and the financial services offered to the customers each day. 



In order to obtain the agility to build the most promising future in banking and finance, to be able to meet the ever-changing customer expectations, and to improve the user experience, there are important trends that should be considered when creating relevant, long-term strategies.



The collaboration between banks and FinTechs plays an important role in these long-term strategies and becomes more and more crucial every year. Did you know that the global Fintech market is expected to reach 324 Billion USD worth by 2026



In this ebook, we have brought together the most promising financial trends that will help you develop your vision on planting the seeds of the future today. By downloading our ebook, you can have detailed information about the following trends that must be taken into account when creating long-term financial strategies:


  • Open banking 
  • Invisible banking
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Inclusive Finance
  • Algorithmic Finance
  • Voice Banking