Solutions for

Wholesale Banking

Remove the Friction from your
Lending Processes

SME Lending

Digitalise your entire SME lending process from initial onboarding (through your bank’s portal), scoring, credit bureau integration to disbursements and ongoing servicing.

Financial Institutions

Manage the full life-cycle of your FI credit, supranational and country lines.

Corporate Lending

Manage the entire corporate credit assessment process from initial onboarding, financial spreading, scoring until document generation.

Integrated wholesale banking.
A new world of banking!

We offer a fully integrated banking experience across the entire spectrum of commercial and institutional banking. In a single solution.

Our set of solutions enable banks to manage all their treasury limits, credit lines to other FIs (banks), sovereign lines as well the full corporate underwriting process ranging from SME lending to corporates, in a single platform. All solution components are based on a single code base, so that they are not stitched together but are already natively integrated with each other. Furthermore, all components use a common Al engine which serves different use cases across the solution suite.

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