Intelligent credit management platform

Digitalise your entire SME lending process from initial onboarding scoring and credit bureau integration to disbursements and ongoing servicing.

Online loan application

SMEs can apply for new loans through a wizard-type questionnaire on the banks’ banking portal. This saves banks 80% of their time typically spent on data collection.

Digital credit file

The loan application from the portal is converted in a fully digital credit file including uploaded financials.

Embedded workflow

An embedded workflow engine can handle any approval process you have in place today.

Integrated scoring

An embedded scoring engine saves you time and you do not need to recapture data outside our solution again. We can also plug your existing scoring engine if required.


An integrated AI engine can forecast the likelihood of loan approval of a new application, so you can give priority to the most promising applications and approve those faster. It also tells you which document to collect to increase the quality of application.


RISQ | SME lending can be easily integrated via APIs to your bank’s source systems as well as to local credit bureaus or other external services (e.g. collateral valuation services).

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