Industry’s first cloud based global limits management solution preintegrated with a Trade Finance Platform

RISQ | limit-as-a-service is a component of an integrated trade-as-a-service platform running Finastra’s Fusion Trade Innovation solution. The combined offering is a ready to go, Microsoft Azure Cloud hosted, Front-to-Back Trade & Supply Chain Finance service platform for small and medium-size financial institutions.

Pre-integrated with Finastra Fusion Trade Innovation (FTI)

RISQ | limit-as-a-service is pre-integrated with FTI allowing a seamless limit allocation and reservation workflow between RISQ and FTI.

Best-practice pre-configured workflows

RISQ | limit-as-a-service comes preconfigured with certain user profiles, limit templates and approval workflows thus minimizing the project duration to only a few weeks.

Cloud based with Managed Services

RISQ | limit-as-a-service runs on Microsoft Azure cloud, the leading cloud solution for banking. By offering managed services, all technical and functional administration will be taken care of.

Fast go-live

As RISQ | limit-as-a-service is already integrated with Finastra Fusion Trade Innovation and pre-configured with best practice workflows we are able to provide a fixed go-live date at the beginning of the project already.

Global limit assignment and monitoring

RISQ | limit-as-a-service allows you to define and monitor all FI, non-FI and sovereign credit lines.

'Earmarking of limits'

When a new trade is booked in the integrated trade platform, the limit is reserved and automatically released if the trade does not happen.

Reallocation of limits

Reallocate unused limits to those which are short of allocation for a specific period. After this period the limit reallocation will be automatically reversed.