FI Question LP-Unavailable Limits

Does the unavailability of limits make you reject a potential transaction and thus lose your business?

limit unavailable

“Yes, this is unfortunately the case. We are not able to reallocate limits efficiently and it is also very complex to do this manually, so we are usually more cautious. We have to reject typically 1 out of 20 deals due to this challenge we have.”


– Head of FI, Regional Bank in GCC


How RISQ solves it:


At RISQ, you can initiate a limit reallocation process where the FI department can temporarily reallocate unused limits to a limit node where you are short of limits. After the set amount of duration, the limits will be automatically reset.

This prevents banks from rejecting deals even though at first glance no limit is available, but after reallocation, the required limits are available, and the bank can complete the transaction and not lose its business.

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